Received Pronunciation: Student Correction Course

Individuals face unique challenges influenced by factors such as their linguistic background and environmental exposure to English. With this in mind, I created The Student Correction Course.

Participants from various linguistic backgrounds take up the challenge of mastering the RP accent. What changes can we make to help them achieve this?

Reviewing the Basics

We’ll start by looking at the basics of the speech mechanisms. This includes a review of the International Phonetic Alphabet and the vowel sound chart, which will be used to analyze the sounds of Received Pronunciation throughout the course.

Transforming the Students

In the subsequent chapters, we’ll meet six diverse students, including Agata, Tatjana, Kat, Magali, Francesco, Jenna, Kelsea and Ayumu, as they embark on their journey to achieve an authentic British RP accent.


As the course progresses, you’ll observe the improvements made by each student. From simple articulation exercises to sentence practice and tongue twisters, each participant is given tasks to help identify their weaknesses and seek remedies.

Before filming, each participant was given access to the Complete Course and underwent training to familiarize themselves with the International Phonetic Alphabet and the vowel sound chart.

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This course is ideal for those with some understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.


The Student Correction Course is available on both Thinkific and Udemy.

The Thinkific platform includes a higher encoding rate and bonus material.

Meet the Students


Tatjana Anders is a successful actress and writer known for her award-winning short film Your Reality, as well as for acting opposite Emma Thompson in The Children Act. She also runs a loose leaf tea subscription company called

Tatjana was born in Ukraine and moved to Germany with her parents at the age of 10. She considers both Russian and German her mother tongue. She has been living in the UK since 2011 and feels that perfecting her British accent will open up more opportunities for her acting career.


Kat Weilenmann is a musical theatre performer, trained at Italia Conti Academy of Arts in London. She was born in Switzerland where she learned English, French and Spanish and started working as a private language tutor, teaching her mother tongues German and Swiss.

Kat moved to the UK three years ago to pursue her passion for singing, acting and dance and now aims to perfect her British Accent in order to be more versatile and castable in the performing arts industry.


Magali Burta is an actress originally from Argentina. She studied at drama school in Argentina and also in New Zealand while living there for several years.

Magali’s struggle with English is that her pronunciation makes it sometimes difficult for people to understand her. She would love to learn Received Pronunciation to be able to get more roles as an actress.


Kelsea is a communications and marketing professional with a background in international development. She has recently begun pursuing acting opportunities as a side project and is currently focusing on her training.

Kelsea is originally from the US and her native accent/language is American English. She has lived in Virginia, Washington, DC, New York, and New Jersey, and has lived in Cambridge, England, since early 2020. She hopes that perfecting her RP accent will afford her many more opportunities in the acting world.


Jenna is an American actress from California. She has appeared as an actress in several independent UK and Bollywood movies and recently danced in a music video that has over 20 million views on YouTube. She loves working on period productions and aims to master an RP accent for future speaking roles.