How can I access the Daily Training Program?

The full program is provided free of charge to my private students.
Currently I provide the first module for public access:

How are the Daily Training Program materials shared?

The files are shared in a private folder on Google Drive. The files are available in MP3 & FLAC together with PDFs. Simply access the folder and download the audio files to your prefered device.

How does the Daily Training Program differ to your other course materials?

The Daily Training Program is a pre-recorded audio program focused on internalizing the sounds through repetition and output. The complete course is input focused with more emphasis on helping you develop a better an ear for the sounds of British English. Both are integral to developing native-like pronunciation. I recommend starting with the complete course materials prior to the Daily Training Program. Input should precede output.

How much time do I have to put into this?

I recommend frequent and consistent practice. The total program is approximately 15 hours in length. If you practise just 15 minutes a day, you should be able to complete the program within two months.

When and where should I practise?

The Daily Training Program is an audio repetition program. You can practise wherever and whenever you want whether that be at home or while going for a walk. However, please note that the program requires your full concentration. Avoid using the program during activities that could be potentially hazardous such as driving or operating machinery.

Why did you create the Daily Training Program?

Internalisation is an important part of language acquisition. The problem many students have is they struggle to internalise the patterns of speech of native English speakers. An accent coach will point out your errors and give you correction but with a one hour weekly lesson, this is not enough to embed the sounds into your mind. As a teacher I became frustrated seeing my students making progress only to relapse due to lack of practice. I would tell my students to shadow the speech of native English speakers but I soon realised that this was actually too challenging for the type of student who would approach me for help. The sounds needed to be broken down into a simpler and concise structure for easy absorption. I created the Daily Training Program to remedy this.

What results can I expect?

The results so far have been extremely positive. Initially, my intention was to provide a basic one hour training module. However, having seen the positive results, I gradually increased the content to span over 15 hours. As a result of regular practice, my students now have improved reflexes. They don’t have to think as much when repeating the sounds.

Once I complete the program will I have a perfect British accent?

The Daily Training Program is the third part of the learning phase. The first part is learning to recognise the sounds through the complete course materials. The second part is the correction provided from your teacher. Beyond the Daily Training Program it’s important to immerse yourself by listening to audio books, etc.