Introducing the Daily Training Program for an Authentic British English Accent

The Daily Training Program is a meticulously crafted course that I designed to help students internalize the natural sounds of British English pronunciation and speak with an authentic British accent. It provides an alternative to costly private accent reduction lessons by minimizing the need for constant teacher intervention, allowing students to proceed comfortably at their own pace.

The Problem

Traditional accent reduction methods often fall short of producing desired results. While teachers can identify the student’s mistakes and provide necessary drills, the student often struggles to internalize the target sounds. This is primarily due to the infrequency of practice between lessons, as the student tends to revert to their familiar accent. Consequently, forming new habits and accelerating improvement becomes challenging, leading many individuals to give up altogether.

The Solution

To address this challenge, I created the Daily Training Program, a series of daily exercises focused on listening and repetition. These exercises aim to embed the natural sounds of British English into your subconscious, similar to private lessons but without immediate correction from a teacher. By engaging in these daily exercises, you will have the opportunity to reinforce your pronunciation skills consistently.

How it Works

As you progress through the course, you will observe a gradual decrease in the frequency of errors in your speech. This approach will make you more aware of your progress and motivate you to continue your journey towards achieving an authentic British accent.


It is important to note that the Daily Training Program is methodologically designed to provide structured exercises and guidance for internalizing the building blocks of native-like speech. It starts with mastering the basic phonemes of English in their simplest forms. We need to dissociate words and their meanings from their sounds. By focusing solely on internalizing these sounds, we can bypass the internal language filter and make significant strides in accent improvement.

No Extra Cost

To support all my students in their accent journey, I currently provide access to the Daily Training Program at no extra cost making it incredible value for money. This ensures that students can practice and reinforce their pronunciation skills daily, leading to tangible progress and the acquisition of an authentic British accent. However, please note that additional charges may apply in the future to maintain the program.

Here's a breakdown of the Daily Training Program:

  • Audio files and accompanying PDFs: The program provides recorded audio files of British English pronunciation (Received Pronunciation) along with PDF guides, creating a comprehensive learning package.
  • Incremental approach: The program starts by breaking down sounds into the smallest possible segments and gradually combines them, allowing you to focus on articulating fundamental sounds without associating them with specific words or meanings.
  • Progressive difficulty levels: There are various levels within the program, progressing from single phonemes to frequently used syllables, connecting sounds, two-word combinations, and beyond. This gradual increase in difficulty will help you build upon your skills as you progress.
  • Spaced repetition: The program utilizes spaced repetition techniques, ensuring that you are exposed to the sounds repeatedly over time. This approach helps you absorb the sounds into your subconscious and reinforces your learning as part of the feedback loop.
  • High-quality audio recordings: The audio files are recorded using a professional microphone and encoded in MP3 format at 320kbps, ensuring clear and crisp sound quality for effective listening and practice.
  • Continuous updates: The program is continually being updated to provide new content and exercises, ensuring that you have access to fresh material and can continue your progress.
  • Integration with lessons: Combining the Daily Training Program with regular lessons enhances the learning experience and allows students to advance at an exponential rate by reinforcing their pronunciation skills consistently.
  • All files are professionally recorded using a Rode nt1a studio condenser microphone and encoded at 320kbps.

Level 00: Aspiration Exercises Р10 minutes 

Level 01: Consonant + schwa, clusters sounds, light /l/ – 52 minutes

Level 02: Consonant + schwa combination, cluster sound combination – 68 minutes

Level 03: Central, front & back vowels – 57 minutes

Level 04: Diphthong vowels – 50 minutes

Level 05: Connecting sounds – 5 minutes

Level 06: Common words, word combinations – 67 minutes

Level 07 – 2 minutes

Level 08: Two word combinations & phrases – 19 minutes

Level 09: Word combinations & phrases – 53 minutes

Level 10: Demonstrative pronouns – 115 minutes

Level 11: Indicative – 32 minutes

Level 12: Cluster sound combinations – 15 minutes

Level 13: Sentences with cluster sounds – 6 minutes

Level 14: Common phrases

Current total length: approx 8 hrs