British English Accent Training: Improve Your Professional Communication Skills with Online Lessons

Do people often fail to understand you even though your grammar is correct? Do you wish to speak English with a more native-like accent that is easy for people to understand? Perhaps you can write grammatically correct sentences, but when it comes to conversation you fail to leave the right impression due to poor pronunciation and intonation.

Whether you are a business person involved in high-stakes negotiations or a student giving presentations, communicating clearly and effectively is essential.

Guiding You Step-by-Step

This course aims to give non-native English speakers the necessary tools and knowledge to help them improve their English pronunciation.

Carefully prepared materials with a clear and concise structure guide students step-by-step to help them improve regardless of their level. With practice, patience, and the right mindset, it can be done.

Enhance your English pronunciation skills with my 40-minute lessons, expertly designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. My accelerated learning techniques, including timed repetition and shadowing, will help you achieve a natural British accent.

Course Highlights

  • Discover the International Phonetic Alphabet to better understand the sounds of English, and learn to adopt the correct mindset for mastering Received Pronunciation.
  • Develop the correct muscle memory and establish neural pathways for native-like pronunciation.
  • Learn to easily differentiate between similar but distinctly different sounds such as /ʌ/ and /ə/.
  • Understand the crucial role of semivowels in connected speech. 
  • Understand the interconnection between the articulators and the diaphragm.
  • Recognize the impact of your mother tongue on your English pronunciation, and learn to think like a native speaker for effortless communication.
  • Maximize your learning potential by also enrolling in my comprehensive course program.

Information regarding the lesson structure can be found here. Schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation with me.

RP accent training for Americans (actors & narrators) is also available.

A Complete Program

For a comprehensive learning experience, my teaching approach incorporates three essential elements to facilitate accelerated progress.



Input Mechanism: Complete Course Materials

The student engages with the full course materials independently. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the sounds of British English, aiding in their preparation for upcoming lessons.

Output & Correction: Private Lessons

During individualized 1-1 lessons, the student the receives guidance on articulating sounds. The teacher carefully leads them through the positioning of articulators using carefully prepared drills, correcting errors to ensure precision. While this process may be gradual, accuracy takes precedence, and speed develops through consistent practice.

Repetition & Internalization: Daily Training Program

With a foundational understanding of sound articulation, the student can now focus on internalizing the process through the Daily Training Program. This program comprises prerecorded repetition exercises utilizing timed and spaced repetition, helping build muscle memory effectively.


Can I really change my accent?

It can be done, but it requires a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of how we create sounds. We have to consider the positioning of the articulators and how we aspirate air from the lungs. For some, this can be a simple process, yet for others, it can be extremely challenging. Each student progresses at their own pace. Some can struggle with the very basic articulation of sounds while others can easily mimic the sounds and just need to develop better overall awareness. With the right mindset and patience, it can be done.

How many lessons do you recommend?

I recommend a minimum of 10-15 lessons to master the fundamentals. You will better understand why your accent differs and what changes need to be made. This course focuses on giving students the ability to self-diagnose without always having to rely on a teacher. My lessons also include The Daily Training Program at no extra cost.

How will the complete course materials benefit my lessons?

The Complete Course is a program that I specifically crafted to better help my students prepare for lessons. It’s more than just a course. Think of it as a virtual textbook complete with pre-recorded videos, PDFs, quizzes and repetition exercises. The course materials are input-focused which saves time and enables the lessons to become more output focused. An explanation can be found here: Thinkific Pronunciation Course

Do I need to purchase the course materials to take lessons?

While the purchase of the course materials is not compulsory, students who enrol generally improve at a much more advanced rate than those who don’t. As a teacher, it also helps me better gauge your progress and troubleshoot any difficulties you encounter. Students who do not purchase the course materials will still be given free access to The Daily Training Program.

How much time do I need to put into this?

In general, I recommend one private lesson a week together with 10-15 minutes a day spent on the training materials. Those who study at a steady pace with a long-term outlook achieve the best results.

Can I purchase the materials without taking lessons?

Yes, anyone is welcome to enrol in the Complete Course materials. There is also a discussion panel where you can freely submit questions.


How frequently should I take lessons?

The frequency of lessons depends on the student’s preference. Most students request to take lessons once a week.


What will I learn during my first few lessons?

The initial lessons will focus on laying the foundations. While it’s easy to mention concepts like the use of stressed and unstressed syllables or the aspiration of sounds from the front of the mouth, understanding the practical implications and application is crucial.


In these early sessions, we will delve into the mechanisms that enable the native-like aspiration of sounds. You will be given drills designed to help you articulate the fundamental sounds, much like a baby learning to use speech mechanisms for the first time. Emphasis will also be placed on maintaining a relaxed posture when producing the neutral sounds of British English. Step-by-step guidance will be provided, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the process that allows for the execution of unstressed sounds without overcompensation. We’ll explore how to avoid engaging certain facial muscles incorrectly and positioning the tongue inaccurately.


Remember, the ultimate goal is to cultivate a native-like pronunciation without sounding forced. Instead, the focus is on learning to articulate the sounds effortlessly. While this transformation won’t occur overnight, grasping these fundamental principles is essential for sustained progress in your pronunciation journey.

Do you offer lessons for native English speakers?

Yes, the teaching methods for native English speakers differ. Please contact me for more information. 

Which version of Received Pronunciation will I learn?

You will be learning the modern form of Received Pronunciation. This version of RP places a strong emphasis on achieving clarity in speech.

Is there a perception that Received Pronunciation is outdated?

RP has evolved into various forms, and my goal as your instructor is to guide you in achieving clear and effective communication, embracing the richness of linguistic diversity. Take a look at my blog to get a better idea of the variations spoken by well-known British personalities.