Online Courses for Natural British English Pronunciation

Choose from two courses: Received Pronunciation: Complete Course and the Student Correction Course both available on Thinkific.

The Complete Course

I created the Complete Course as an interactive digital resource, aiming to streamline my students’ preparation for lessons. Recognizing that valuable lesson time was being spent on explanations and assessing foundational concepts, I sought to shift the focus of private sessions towards practical application—specifically, refining the actual articulation of sounds.


I also observed a need for targeted exercises and drills outside of lessons. I couldn’t find any suitable resources so I created my own. Responding to student feedback, I tailored the course to address these gaps. Now, the course is open to the public, welcoming anyone interested, whether or not they choose to participate in lessons.

Step-by-Step Program

Offering a complete step-by-step program, my course guides you from the basic sounds of British English to advanced native-like sentence structures.


The program includes:


  • Video tutorials
  • Lessons PDFs
  • Listening exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Shadowing exercises
  • Muscle memory drills

On average, the program can be completed in two to four months when studying for at least fifteen minutes a day. The Complete Course is available exclusively on Thinkific. Click here for a full course description.

The Student Correction Course

I created The Student Correction Course for those who already have a good grasp of the phonetics of English pronunciation. The course focuses on highlighting the common mistakes made by both non-native and native English speakers. With approximately seven hours of video content, we meet students from various linguistic backgrounds, including Russian, German, Polish, American English, Japanese, and Spanish. Both courses offer review exercises and lesson PDFs. Enrol now and speak with confidence!

The Student Correction Course is available on both Thinkific and Udemy. Purchase on the Thinkific platform is recommended (includes extra study materials, quizzes, and higher encoding rate, etc). Click here for a full course description.