Meet Your Instructor: Anton

Passion for Pronunciation

Hello there. My name is Anton. My interest in English pronunciation and accents began over 14 years ago while working at an English pronunciation school in Tokyo. I gained valuable insight into the struggles that non-native speakers experience in developing natural fluency. I also made several appearances on Japanese television and appeared in a publication dedicated to English pronunciation. 


Helping students was challenging, but at the same time, it made me think about developing effective methods to help non-native English speakers acquire more natural pronunciation and rhythm.

Think Like a Native

I have always been interested in languages and the thought processes involved in language acquisition. It’s not just about studying but also developing the correct mindset. You have to consider the whole thought process. How do native speakers of a certain language think? How do they process information? How do they develop the ability to read, write and speak?

A Logical Thought Process

I majored in mathematics, and perhaps it is for this reason that I like to apply a logical thought process and reasoning to language acquisition. My second language is French, and my third language is Japanese.


Analyzing the patterns of behaviour of native speakers has helped me acquire the skills necessary to work as a Japanese-English translator.


I also studied a little Korean during my time in Japan. Although my studies of the Korean language never got that far, understanding the phonetic alphabet (known as Hangeul) made me think more about how we can accurately replicate the sounds of native speakers of any language.

Expert Teaching for Diverse Learners

Over the years I have transitioned to teaching students from diverse linguistic backgrounds including Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Chinese and Korean. I have also assisted native English speakers including actors and audiobook narrators in achieving an authentic British RP accent.


My teaching method follows a logical process and utilizes techniques influenced by my teaching and studying experiences.


I aim to give students the correct tools and guidance to help them articulate the sounds like a native British English speaker.