Workshops in London

Join one of my monthly workshops hosted in the heart of London. Register your place in advance through Eventbrite.

I offer both introductory sessions and comprehensive workshops. Additionally, private workshops are available upon request.

Introductory workshops - Mastering the Basics:

Gain a solid understanding of the essentials for achieving a native-like British accent. My goal is to equip participants with a strong foundation in English pronunciation, fostering confidence in clear and effective communication.

Key highlights include:


  • Exploring the mechanics of speech, understanding the interrelation between the lungs, vocal tract, and articulators.
  • Learning how British English differs from other languages.
  • Engaging in exercises to enhance the aspirated quality of sounds, approaching a more native-like manner.
  • Utilizing tools such as the International Phonetic Alphabet and vowel sound chart to identify target sounds.
  • Participating in exercises to distinguish and refine target sounds.

In-depth workshops - Delving Deeper:

In-depth workshops consist of three 90-minute sessions, each followed by a 60-minute informal discussion, limited to six participants per session. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of British English pronunciation, covering topics such as vowel and consonant sounds, stress and intonation. 


Stay updated on event details via this website, Facebook group, Twitter, and Eventbrite. I look forward to assisting you in achieving clear and confident English speech!